Educating in Fashion Design Since 1986

I have learned and grown so much since interning with Manuel. He has been a great influence in my life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of his world.”  – Danielle Biddle, Intern 2008-2010

Manuel has zealously invited interns from a variety of fashion and design schools from all over the country into his studio for over nearly three decades.

In this colorful space, interns gain and expand their knowledge of fashion through a variety of industrial  niches: costume design, industrial machinery, hand-stitching, leather work, embroidery and more. And because of Manuel’s central role in the Nashville and entertainment community, some interns may wish to focus less on the production side of the biz. Those students will learn more about event planning, small business management, merchandising and sales/retail.

Design interns can expect one-on-one instruction with Manuel, often alongside other interns, and the hours are flexible to meet students’ needs. We have a very vibrant work space that welcomes a variety of eager minds. Working at Manuel’s is, at the end of the day, a lot of fun.


Design interns work directly with Manuel in the studio.  You will aid in the production of our custom orders, be it with rhinestone application, hand-stitching, stamping, seam ripping, leather working, working on the sewing machine, or a multitude of other hands-on design/production tasks.

You also will be responsible for preparing at least 12 accessories for the showroom–clutches, wallets, belts or belt buckles, etc. If interested, you may even introduce a new item into the Manuel line!

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Merchandising/Management interns will work in the main showroom, directly under the supervision of the manager. Duties will include showroom arrangement, merchandising, receptionist duties, managing projects given, and client-relations responsibilities. During your internship, you will be privy to almost all meetings involving business decisions to better acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of small business management.

At some point, you will be handed the task of merchandising the store. This project either will require you to work with the designer (or design interns) on at least 12 accessories, or you may choose to introduce a new item for the shop.

All internships are non-subsidized and require a minimum commitment of 16 hours/week. Interested college students and recent grads should send a detailed cover-letter, portfolio, and resumé to