“Walking into my shop is like entering the candy store. I can make you anything you want. The sky is the limit!” – Manuel

Manuel is best known for being an exclusive clothier and tailor, and while the majority of our production indeed comes from custom orders, we have a fully-functioning retail showroom. Most of the time these garments end up being the inspiration–the stepping stones, if you will–for custom orders, but everything displayed in the showroom is available for purchase. Check out the galleries below to see our current inventory. And remember, if you see something you like but you want it a little differently, that’s okay, too! We can get you what you want. Please call or email to inquire about specific items.

Manuel also performs standard and specialty alterations and repairs at competitive prices. So come bring us those pieces that are a little too long, a decade old or those garments that looked a little bit better in the dressing room than they do in your mirror at home! Why wouldn’t you want a master tailor putting the final touches on your wardrobe?


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If you’re wandering around other parts of Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area, you can find vintage Manuel at Katy K’s on 12th Ave. So., or one-of-a-kind read-to-wear couture and home decor in Leiper’s Fork’s Old Natchez House.

Inventory photos are courtesy of Chuck Jones Photography. Hair and make up for the photo shoot provided by Kimberly Anton and Lorrie Bradshaw, respectively. If you are interested in using their services, or would like to book any of the models featured, please contact Manuel American Designs.

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